The AI Wafer Inspection Sorter combines EMU’s table-top sorter equipment and Cognex’s InSight ViDi Deep Learning Inspection platform to give an affordable, small footprint wafer inspection solution using cutting-edge inspection technology.

An algorithm is trained to identify macro defects or features on the wafer surface. The algorithm is deployed to a Cognex D900 Series camera as a job for use in normal operation. The machine interface displays a pass or fail result after processing, with subsequent information like defect classification and X/Y location also available.

The Cognex InSight ViDi system is integrated to the heavily industrialised EMU table-top sorter platform. The equipment can include one or two load ports. Wafer safety and positioning sensors are active throughout the transfer/inspection processes alongside over-current and lost set point monitoring.

Wafer handling is managed with our vacuum free systems, edge contact versions are available. The equipment only requires mains power for normal operation. 75mm to 200mm equipment is available, with mixed wafer size solutions possible.

The machine is supplied with a SECS/GEM connection option and can be fully controlled by the host.

ESD safety features are integrated to the equipment for true ESD protection for cassettes and wafers.

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